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FHA 203k Dream Loan


Have you found a home that would be perfect with a few renovations? Or perhaps you are considering expanding your current home, or renovating your bathroom or kitchen. If any of these possibilities are in your future, our FHA 203(K) Dream Loan may be a good option for your needs.

The FHA 203(K) Dream Loan provides financing and funds for the cost of renovation in one easy loan closing process to qualified borrowers. If you qualify, you will receive a cost-effective, single-close loan option that enables you to remodel a kitchen or bath, repair a roof, or make other important improvements to an existing home or newly purchased home that needs renovation.1

Program Highlights

  • One loan and one set of closing costs
  • Financing based on the as-completed value of the home
  • Buy or refinance a home with up to four units
  • Monetary gifts from family members toward the down payment are allowed

1 Borrowers may use the loan to make any improvements that add value to the property and are permanently affixed. Most improvements and repairs are acceptable for financing; however, the following are ineligible in all cases: new detached living units, improvements intended for commercial/business use, and non-permanent improvements.



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